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Sarayu Consultants offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical training enabling individuals to acquire, maintain and optimize their IT skills. As more and more companies venture into new markets, they realize the advantages of training the employees of their company by assessing both the individual’s and company’s requirements. Our professionals, specialized in cutting-edge skills, are pioneers in imparting high-end software education and training to various organizations.

Today’s IT scenario demands continuous training and upgradation of technology and skills. Training plays a vital role in creating and sustaining reliable resources in the software field and enhances the growth and effectiveness of software professionals. In order to keep in step with the current pace of change in the world and to remain competitive, it is imperative for organizations to impart appropriate training to the student community and freshers in the workforce as well as to experienced professionals who wish to update their skills, acquire new ones and remain employable.

We meet the challenges of the current IT scenario by providing appropriate Technical Training at a corporate level as well as through regular training courses, thus catering to the needs of corporates and individuals. We focus on high-end technologies which are hot in the market, such as SAP, Oracle Financials, J2EE, .Net and Testing.

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